Research and Development

TSP boasts the best quality by preexamining quality of product and reflecting it on design by using 3 dimensional simulation. The excellence of the product is being recognized by customers through strong research about molded materials, product material and molded structure.

Mold development

TSP manufactures a number of ultra-precision lead frames and molds and supplies them to global semiconductor manufacturers. TSP's ultra-precision molds are recognized internally and externally for delivery, price, and reliability. Best efforts are given to respond to short delivery times and quality through mold design using 2D and 3D Cad (Excess Hybrid 2).

TSP product group

Lead Frame is a major semiconductor component that electrically connects the semiconductor chip and external circuits and serves as a board that supports the chip in the package. TSP provides a total solution for semiconductor lead frames, such as SMD, PW-Tr, PW-Module, QFN, TOLL, Cu-Clip, and Tantal. (Commercial & Automotive)

Prototype development

TSP introduced AMADA's Punch Press. Products for trial production with a short delivery period are provided to the customers. Customers can conduct pre-line evaluation and reliability evaluation in a short period of time through the Punch Press Lead Frame. (Shortens the development period of new PKG for customers)