Operates cafeteria

TSP provides high-quality meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner by operating on-site cafeteria so that employees can eat healthy.

Leisure life support

TSP supports the cost and facilities for high-quality cultural life of employees, healthy rest, and physical training of employees.

Operates mentoring system

TSP designates mentors when employees join the company to help them adapt and provide job training

Performance payment

TSP pays incentives based on the profits generated through growth in gratitude for the hard work of employees.

Rewards for long-term employees and excellent employees

We provide gifts or vacation pay to long-term employees

Health checkup support

TSP conducts regular employee health checkups to detect diseases early and maintain their health.

Support for congratulations and condolences

TSP is with employees by providing personnel and equipment during congratulations and condolences so that they can share their joys and sorrows and feel a sense of unity and belonging.

Join group accident insurance

We support you to lead a stable life by subscribing to an accident insurance that can compensate you in the event of an unexpected accident during your daily life, domestic/overseas travel, business trip, or leisure activity.